Why choose Gobbie Chiropractic?

Our patients share their stories about why they choose to treat at Gobbie Chiropractic....

“If I had been asked before starting treatment if a chiropractor could help with carpal tunnel syndrome, I would have answered with an emphatic ‘No’. I suffered with carpal tunnel for over seven years...I was in pain and wearing a wrist brace most of the time. After two visits I felt so much better and didn’t use the wrist after six weeks of treatment, I’m able to use the computer pain free. I am now a believer in chiropractic care...Dr. Gobbie is the best.”

-Sue B. Pittsburgh, PA, carpal tunnel syndrome

“I had horrible pains across my shoulders, in my neck and mid-back area. On my first visit, Dr. Gobbie did a great job explaining what was wrong and what he was going to do. He was also willing to work around my schedule.”

-Karen, upper back pain

“It was so uncomfortable to lay down in bed that I could not sleep. I have had such good results since under the care of Dr. Gobbie. His office is comfortable, the staff is so friendly and I feel that he is very concerned about the care and needs of his patients.”

-Melissa, upper back pain

“Not only was Dr. Gobbie thorough, but he also coordinated care with other doctors…My headaches are all but gone and I have been able to get off all my medication. I would recommend Dr. Gobbie to anyone.”

-Helen, headaches

“Dr. Gobbie spent time with me listening to my complaints and made sure we were getting at the problem. Since he has been treating me, I feel I have had excellent results.”

-Carey, TMJ